Finish First With A Career In Sports

POSTED: 12/09/2011

As the country prepares for the Olympics to come to the UK next year there has never been a more exciting time to start a career in the sports industry. As the government and employers prepare for the games the sector is seeing high levels of investment, meaning more graduate career opportunities in the sport and leisure industry than ever before. However, whilst graduates working in the sports industry don’t need to be athletic, you’ll have to be tough to make it to the top, as competition is fierce.

Apart from professional players, hundreds of people work inside a single professional sports team – from coaches and personal trainers to physiotherapists and alternative therapists, and from accountants and marketing managers to dieticians and legal representatives.

Outside the team, tens of thousands of sportswriters and sportscasters cover teams, players, events and news. Project managers organise major sporting events, and sports consultants work with the government and regional sports boards on keeping sports in the political agendas.

In fact, in the UK alone over 621,000 people are employed in the sports industry, and with Leicestershire’s growing portfolio of sporting successes, where better to start a career search in this competitive but adventurous sector?

Anybody with a university degree and seeking to work inside today’s business of sports, whether part of the action or part of the vast supporting network that surrounds it, is encouraged to get in touch with HotProspects, the East Midlands Graduate Recruitment Service. Candidates who register online and get their CV seen by the right people in the right industries will get ahead of the competition!


POSTED: 04/09/2011

So you may have noticed we’ve had our spring clean a bit late, and refreshed the face of HotProspects.

We felt it was time for a change to bring our look more in line with who we are.  Here at HP headquarters we love it, and we hope you do too!

The new site is backed up by a brand new back end (don’t worry all our lovely recruitment angels are still the same). But in a bid to improve user experience we’ve upgraded and improved the fancy techy part behind our website.

All logins will remain the same, so you don’t need to do anything, but you may want to check that everything you need to secure that top job is still there. So perhaps take this as an opportunity to update all your details.

As with any big technological change we do anticipate some glitches, so we apologise if you have experience any issues. But as its HotProspects you don’t have to worry, as our site is backed up by real people that you can talk to. So if you’ve had any problems just drop us a line on 0845 450 5460 or e-mail us

All feedback on the site is much appreciated, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

Hope you love the new look as much as we do!

Marketing, HotProspects


Networking: the graduate job hunt is on

POSTED: 11/07/2011

Let’s be honest, not many of us have really thought about networking when it comes to looking for a graduate job and as such it is probably one of the most under used methods during the job search, but why?

Networking: the graduate job hunt is on

 Let’s be honest, not many of us have really thought about networking when it comes to looking for a graduate job and as such it is probably one of the most under used methods during the job search, but why?

Networking is a critical part of any job hunt, it’s your opportunity to present the real you, rather than a piece of paper and a covering letter. It’s your opportunity to really sell yourself (in the right manner!) as described by Kelly Eggers in her article ‘The Top Eight Rules of Networking’. (

Students and graduates are renowned for being technology extrodinares, social networking addicts and being constantly surrounded by industry experts and peers with the same objectives. All the tools you need to network are, in fact, right under your nose.

Don’t overlook the relationships you have with your tutors, or forget that they are also industry professionals who are likely to have a broad range of contacts within your desired profession. Often, your tutors will be asked to put forward the names of the students who they hold in highest regards to their associates within the industry, or even find out first hand about new opportunities before they come onto the market.

Many University courses have guest lecturers; theses tend to be industry experts, or at the very least, well connected people. Have a chat with them, more often than not they will be fountains of knowledge and more than willing to talk to you, they will understand who of their associates will be looking for graduates and can often point you in the right direction as to who and where to apply to. 
Also, if you have an opportunity to get a business card do so, you never know when it may come in handy in the future.

Local business events are another great networking tool. Often you will find that chambers of commerce or business clubs have events which are free to attend and hold many of the areas key business people. A great starting point for this is: this site allows you to search for networking events regionally. Always do your preparation for these events, dress smartly and take copies of your CV, you never know who you could meet.

First impressions when networking...

The way in which you present yourself is really important when you network, and regardless of how hard you have been working all week or if you have been getting consecutive first class grades; remember that people buy into people and not paper when they first meet them. Let’s be realistic, if you keep turning up late to lectures, your half asleep during class or quite frankly seem to be more interested in what your mates were getting up to last night than appearing to concentrate – it’s unlikely that your tutors are going to introduce you to their external colleagues any time soon. Nor is it likely that the guest lecture – your ticket to that internship – is going to remember you for anything other than how you come across in the lecture. Lectures are interactive for a reason - be interested, listen, ask questions and then continue the discussion at the end, get a business card and keep in touch. That first impression is essential to helping you to be memorable, so make sure you think about how you want to be remembered! This article explains how important making a good first impression is within business networking, especially if you want people to help you or potentially even work with you in the future:

First impressions aren’t always created face to face however so remember that what you post on the internet can be accessed! Try typing your name into Google and see what comes up – your facebook page , your linked in page, your twitter page, your location, your current job title, previous published work, that aggressive post your wrote on that forum last week, things you don’t want people to know about! The Drum recently posted this article which claims 91% of potential employers screen candidates through social media sites - so when you’re applying for graduate jobs or graduate schemes, maybe you should re-think that hilarious drunken profile picture!


HotProspects Does A Job In Hours

POSTED: 09/03/2011

A specialist graduate recruitment service has placed a Sales Engineer with a Derbyshire company in just five hours!

Specialising in the testing and calibrating of medical equipment, JPen Medical Limited, based in Ilkeston, was looking for a new graduate to join its team as soon as possible - but the company was not expecting such a speedy response from HotProspects.

Jonathan Patrick, Managing Director of JPen Medical said, "I have a team made up entirely of engineering graduates and the business needed another urgently as we are expanding rapidly".

"I was hoping to have someone in place within a few weeks, but we were really lucky and through HotProspects, we were able to find our match within hours! I made a call to the HotProspects account team at midday, who found suitable candidates that matched our requirements. After a successful interview, David was offered the job on the same day."

David Gardner, new recruit at JPen, graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a degree in Computer Engineering. "I wanted this role because it would allow me to utilise the skills that I developed at university. I also saw it as a great career opportunity where I could play an active part of a young and growing company.

"I had looked at other recruitment sites before I found HotProspects, but this was the quickest and most effective service I have used yet, which also has the added extra of a dedicated account team that you can actually speak to. I would certainly recommend the service to other graduates."

Graduate Recruitment Does Movember

POSTED: 11/02/2011


For those of you who don’t know what Movember is...

Movember is a global movement in which guys (called Mo Bros) from all over the world raise funds and awareness to support prostate and testicular cancer charities  by growing, grooming, trimming and waxing their way weird and wonderful moustaches  for a whole month. For more information visit our ‘Mo Space’: and select the ‘About Movember’ tab.

So what’s this got to do with HP?

HotProspects thought it was about time we gave our legs a rest from the usual annual 10ks and half marathons. So we thought this time round we do something which meant we could keep extra toasty, particularly our boys faces and raise some money for a great cause in another way, by growing ridiculous tashes on our faces for the whole month. That doesn’t mean we are entering into this lightly. Oh no. The head of HP has decreed that in order to be allowed to break company dress code by sporting a Mo each HP Mo Bro is committed to raising at least £100 each for this fabulous cause.

HotProspects and Movember needs you!
1 in 3 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, so it’s really important we all take some action to help raise awareness and funds for these fantastic charities, as men are 26% less likely to go to their doctor than women. 

So basically what we’re asking is that you get involved. Either by donating some cash (we know times are hard but even just 50p helps!) by visiting our Mo Space:

Then simply click ‘Donate To My Team’ and follow the steps on the website. Any donations you can spare is appreciated and don’t forget it’s all going to a good cause.

Or why not join the cause and help spread the word? You could donate your status to us on Facebook by simply posting:

‘Did you know this year there will be 37,000 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed? Support @HotProspects who are growing crazy moustaches as part of Movember to raise awareness and funds by donating whatever you can at’

You could also join our team and help spread the news about the cause. Once again simply go to our Mo Space, and this time select ‘Join My Team’.

Thanking you all in
advance for helping us change the face of men's health,


HP Head Mo Bro